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December 19, 2007



Haha, I haven't even finished buying them, and the ones we do have are fashionably wrapped in plastic bags in the closet. Better get busy, eh? LOL


That is exactly what I do now. Pick and choose who and what get my best efforts wrapping-wise. No point in wasting our fun time on those who don't appreciate it. They will be just as happy with gift bags and "stuff" they can rip open. actually I have even gone that step further. Those that don't or haven't acknowledged gifts get struck from the list. Yep...I have become a choosy Scrooge. Those that appreciate things...still get them. Hahahha...

I have some wrapping ideas on my blog...and they do include your brown paper ideas...(aren't they beautiful?) Most of the pages are from long ago mags.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Hi Dawn! What a great idea with the trunk! It is SO beautiful!!!!

Flea Market Queen

I adore the doll trunk!
What a fabulous gift within a gift...

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

OMG Dawn I am the same way....only those that truely apreciate the pretty package get that reward!
My youngest saves the flowers and lavender pieces and all the special pretties I add to her packages, she truely treasures them!

The doll case is beautiful...I love it!

Merry Christmas,
Hugz, Dolly


You are very creative with the wrapping.
Mine are just normal this year. Nothing too fancy. I was so busy making things for my friend's shop, that I barely had time to wrap. I like the butcher paper idea, I may have to do that next year.


I love to receive beautifully wrapped gifts, but never really do. I do have a tendency to save pretty or cute wrapping paper & trims from gifts...besides, I hate the thought of landfills filling up needlessly - it can be reused or for crafting.
No, I wouldn't waste the special wrapping on those who don't get it. I also have a terrible habit of buying pretty wrapping paper/gift bags & not parting with them! lol. In fact, I keep the pretties within my own family so I can see them over & over.


My word your wrapping is amazing, I've posted some images of my gift wrap this year over at my blog.

I was the one this christmas running around picking up stray bits of ribbons claiming "I can still use that"! I'm sure you are the same.

Best Wishes



I know what you mean about wrapping being part of the gift itself.

I'm not terribly crafty but a few times I think I've come up with something cleverly packaged and yet there isn't much appreciation for it.

I know we don't give in order to receive...but all the same - if someone it's no fun to go the extra mile, and not have it appreciated.

I would have LOVED to receive one of your beautiful packages.

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